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We are a service-oriented company that specializes in high quality epoxy flooring installations and offers over 35 years of industry experience nationally.

Epoxy flooring is the most durable and longest lasting flooring on the market today. The applications are endless, and you can revitalize any floor to get a great new look with superior durability, giving you professional reliability and a great look in no time.For areas that require a safe, clean, durable, and aesthetically appealing flooring solution, epoxy flooring systems provide exceptional value and performance over pre-engineered floors. From hospitals and garage floors to school hallways and grocery stores, epoxy flooring systems are continuing to gain popularity with architects and designers because of their unique ability to deliver seamless cleanliness, stain resistance, unrivaled durability, slip-free safety and endless design possibilities.

We have over 35 years experience providing heavy duty commercial, industrial & residential epoxy floor coatings, quartz, custom designs all floor coatings and repairs.
Our epoxy is a self leveling product, 100% solids cycloaliphatic , 7 times stronger than concrete; it holds up to a 12,000 PSI.
One time pour at any thickness is ready for foot traffic in 24 hours, that means almost no down time, 48 hours cure time for heavy machinery.
You will get a high gloss, low maintenance, show room floor that will resist 100% of all chemicals, repels salt, acids, oils with a lifetime warranty.

Epoxy flooring systems offer a a wide range of benefits at an economical price. Here is what our epoxy floor systems will do for you:
  •  Create an easy to clean, seamless surface
  •  Protect and restore concrete as well as provide a durable finished surface
  •  Enhance aesthetics: Our epoxy floor coatings dry to a high gloss shine and are available in a variety of different colors and styles and textures. You can choose from any of our standard colors or have a custom color produced.
  •  Provide a chemically resistant surface: Epoxy floor coatings are a chemically resistant flooring option for manufacturing plants, warehouses, and industrial plants. Increased chemical resistance can be achieved by installing our optional polyurethane finish.
  •  Improve safety: Our epoxy floor coating products can improve safety by protecting your slab from damage. These high gloss floor coatings can also improve brightness in a work environment.
  •  Allow for designated traffic and work zones: We can use different colors of our epoxy floor coating products simultaneously to define safety zones, walkthrough areas, forklift traffic zones and other work zones.
  •  Offer an environmentally friendly flooring solution: Epoxy coatings are an environmentally friendly flooring solution for companies interested in choosing “green” alternatives and building materials.
Epoxies will offer a cost efficient flooring solution: An epoxy floor system installation from our professional and experienced applicators provide an affordable flooring solution. The durable and hard wearing surface that results from our epoxy floor systems will last for years to come with little maintenance. No stripping, buffing or waxing.

Epoxy floor is ideal for:

-Patio/Pool decks
-Counter tops
-Driveways & steps
-Concrete or wood floor etc.


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