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About Us

Performance Lifetime Flooring is a service-oriented company that specializes in high quality epoxy flooring installations and offers over 35 years of industry experience  nationally, and we will provide you with an unmatched level of experience and commitment.

Gregory Allen
President and professional installer

I started in flooring in 1983 with New York Carpet, world certified in residential and commercial flooring where I held accounts with Block Buster Video, Wendy`s, Pizza Hut, Montgomery Wards, Marriott hotels, Cushman & Wakefield & Tom Sapir Organization in Manhattan.
I fell in love with flooring at a very young age, loved to apply any type of flooring (carpet, hardwood, tile) see the drastic change in residential homes and commercial facilities, but epoxy is different!
An amazing combination of 1 part hardener, 2 parts resin of 100% solids cycloaliphatic epoxy that gives you your perfect, flawless floor in the matter of hours. 
Over the years we did jobs for US government, military, airplane hangers, tank plant facilities, GM, Ford, Chrysler, production plants dealerships, stadiums, colleges, schools, nursing homes, hospitals & correctional facilities and my goal is to make sure to never have a disatisfied client.
I take pride in what I do, each client is very important to me, I stand behind my product and I guarantee each client the floor of their dreams.